50 Cent is fancy

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“50 Cent wasn’t content with the color scheme of the Nintendo DS … and had a custom version of the portable made for him. The DS features camouflage and the name “G-Unit” on the front.”

I’m not really sure why this is noteworthy. The mall I go to has a store that sells dumb shit only billionaire rappers would buy. It’s kinda like a Sharper Image, but instead of waterproof radios, it sells white women and teeth with spinners. Of course, I only went in there for a solid gold eye patch and some diamond encrusted bees, but I can never walk out of there without spending at least a mill. The DS I got is pink with engraved ‘hello kitty’ figures. With little paws for the controls. And instead of G-Unit, mine says ‘Fairy Princess’. In hindsight, I probably should have gotten something a little tougher.