Wilmer Valderrama is the daddy

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Wilmer Valderrama must secrete some sort of hallucinogenic toxin from his pores or something cause his string of conquests is just getting to be ridiculous. First Lindsay Lohan. Then Mandy Moore. Now – according to E! online – Eva Longoria. I dare you to make less sense than this. Harold and Maude was a more plausible couple than this. Adding to my headache is the fact that she’s five years older than he is. Good luck figuring that one out scientists. This is Fez we’re talking about, I cannot stress that part enough. It just doesn’t make sense that a guy who can’t even get the lead in a tired unfunny sitcom can get the lead in a homemade sex tape with three of the hottest chicks in Hollywood.

and since there was no chance of a Fez gallery :

note – some of you may have noticed that I changed the picture up top from Eva to Fez. The hat-trick this guy just pulled should prolly get him elected mayor of the world, so I figure the least I could do is put up his picture. But I’ll be dammed if I choose a non-goofy one.


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