Exclusive Video | Watch Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama in From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Season 2 Finale!

There’s good news if you’re a fan of El Rey Network’s From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series! El Rey and Miramax announced a third season pickup for From Dusk Till Dawn ahead of tomorrow’s second season finale. One way or another, the Gecko brothers will be back next year.

But first, they will have to deal with the plan set in motion by Carlos (Wilmer Valderrama), now that Lord Malvado is out of the way. And it’s anyone’s guess as to who will make it out of the season 2 finale with their lives and their souls intact.

Last week, singer and actress Demi Lovato made her From Dusk Till Dawn debut as a culebra named Maia, who happens to be Carlos’ current lover. We’ve already posted a preview scene in which Maia took on Santanico (Eiza González) and seemingly had the advantage in their fight. But in CraveOnline’s second exclusive preview scene from the season finale, Carlos makes a promise to Maia, which he intends to keep if he makes it through his plans without losing his undead life.

So far, El Rey hasn’t revealed whether Lovato will appear in any episodes beyond the second season finale. But her character’s fate isn’t the only one up in the air. Kate (Madison Davenport) was shot in the last episode, she’s suffered a potentially fatal wound. Will Scott (Brandon Soo Hoo) save his sister by damning her to living as an undead culebra? Either way, there will be blood!

Don’t miss the second season finale of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series on Tuesday, October 28!

Photo Credit: El Rey Network