Krista Allen is really really really pretty

[singlepic id=1 w=600 h= float=center]

Some of you noticed that the Krista Allen gallery I was so giddy about yesterday kinda sucked. Yeah, that’s cause I never put it up. I can’t really remember why. I put up those three of her with the red background and then the details get a little fuzzy. The last thing I remember was staring at her ass, and then there was this blissful white light and I was in a butterscotch meadow talking to a Unicorn about the true meaning of friendship. She’s that hot, people. She’s that’s hot.

And yeah, I didn’t put up any of her nekkid stuff. Those are easy enough to find. I’ll not have you sully my woman on my own website. More of Krista here, thanks to Roraz.


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