Lohans dad out of his damn mind. Allegedly.

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“O.J. Simpson has nothing on me,” Michael Lohan allegedly told the family’s security guard last year. “I know exactly how I’m going to kill (them). I know when I’m going to do it, and I’m going to enjoy it.”

Uhhh, I’d kinda like to distance myself from the comments below, where I sort of portray Lindsay Lohans dad as some lovable drunken tramp. Like Barney Gumble with a super hot daughter. But, uh, according to this, he’s not. He’s out of his God damn mind. There’s a difference between me making fun of her and this prick doing what he’s doing. And that difference is an 8 inch blade to the throat. But the real victim here is me, because I was very comfortable not liking Lindsay. Now I kinda feel bad for her. Seriously, if anyone sees this guy on the street, you have my blessing to go Bud White on his sorry ass. Tell him justice sent you.