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Start A Summer-Worthy Vinyl Collection With These Essentials

Teenage boy in record store shopping for music. Photo: Tony Anderson (Getty)

It’s been a few ticks of the ‘ol wristwatch since we’ve engaged in new music, even longer since we waterboarded you with a song and dance about starting a good record collection. With hot weather and ensuing swamp ass on the way, what better thing to add to its decadence than the crackling sounds of summer to go with your fire pits and Fireball shots?

After record releases this past week from Arctic Monkeys on up through June, we’ve got a little taste of all the upbeat new music coming out, including singer-songwriter Matt Costa, bearded high-brow Father John Misty and his exact opposite, god himself played by Kanye West, with not one but two albums (Hopefully, it’s not a 60-minute speech about taking too many prescriptions, but it’s better than his announcing a run for the presidency).

So sharpen your needles and saddle up by the speakers because we’ve got 12 summer vinyls you’ll want for that feeble record collection. Or did you not know what a record is?

Did we pair them with summer cocktails or seasonal beer so you could fully enjoy them at maximum capacity? Well, no. But, you could get back to pounding that Fireball (responsibly) and find the meaning of life within these new music recommendations, brought to you by yours truly, your friendly neighbor music lover, Mandatory.


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