Is This Guy Cheating His Way To Huge ‘HQ Live’ Prize Money?

Photo: Twitter

2018 has already been an interesting year. Aside from the winter that won’t die, we have cocaine winds, reporters taking out fellow reporters — it’s been pandemonium.

But one early highlight of my year thus far? HQ Live.

If you’re not playing the twice-daily, live, quiz show on your phone you’re missing out. Although, depending on how many players make it past the final round, the pay-out can be paltry, the 12-question trivia game is an absolute blast that, again, pays real money.

But there appears to be fear that someone is cheating their way to some serious prize money.

Unless you have an incredible amount of ‘extra lives’ attained from inviting new friends to the game, it’s an incredibly hard game to win (I’ve made it past question 6 twice). But players are growing suspicion after seeing this dude win several times.

The concerns over possible collusion aren’t only because this ‘Scott Menke’ has won several times, but he also cashed out over three-grand after winning the Rampage sponsored show on Wednesday.

And to top it off, look more closely at his avatar, and that’s HQ Live host Scott Rogowsky with him in the picture. Mmmmhmmmmm.

So who in the hell is this Scott Menke guy?

Here’s Menke’s explanation for the profile picture.

Menke claims he’s been on Jeopardy! (with video evidence) and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? He also says he studies trivia every day and reads a lot.

So what are the potential situations?

Menke is using a bot to cheat. Read here to see what I mean.

Menke is getting inside information due to his potential relationship with Rogowsky. Remember what happened at Draft Kings?

Menke actually works for HQ Live and is the worst con-artist of all-time.

Menke is simply a trivia master who has a vast array of knowledge and can think quickly on his feet.

Personally, I’m going with the latter.

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter who lives in St. Louis and made it to HQ Live’s 10th question once.