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This One-Armed Catcher Doing His Thing Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Photo: hlacu (Getty Images)

Coming up with excuses for why you can’t do something is one of America’s favorite pastimes in 2018.

Walking around with just one arm, this kid in Tennessee named Luke Terry had a better excuse than all of us to just stay inside and do nothing with his life. Instead, he’s out on the baseball diamond doing his thing after what had to be years of patience and practice.

In fact, Terry is so good at what he’s doing that his coaches have him playing catcher. Not right field, where you put the kid who’s more interested in butterflies and Ding Dongs instead of lacing ’em up for a few innings of baseball, but catcher.

Just what does that look like on a pitch-by-pitch basis? Well, you’re in luck. Check this out:

Two things.

One, congrats to that kid for accomplishing more in his life to this point with just one arm than anybody with the last name Gimler ever has. And two, if you try to steal second base on this kid, be forewarned that it’s a no-win situation. If you make it, you just stole second base on a one-armed kid, you dick. And if he throws you out, well, you just got owned by a catcher with only one arm, and your teammates will never let you forget it.

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Based on we just saw, odds are it’s going to be the latter.

Remember the name, kids: Luke Terry. Truly an inspiration to us all.