Huge Container Ships Collide, Sends Cargo Into Water

Photo: Art Wager (Getty)

I certainly wouldn’t want to be the people responsible for driving the ships in the video below, because let’s just say they are going to have to explain why in the hell they allowed their cargo ship to collide into another cargo ship, which led to a ton of shipping containers filled with all sorts of stuff to topple over into the water.

The video below, which was filmed in the Pakistani port of Karachi, shows two ships: one, an 8,000-container Tolten hitting the other ship, a 6,350-container ship. And with that said, just know that this was quite the mess.

Have a look at the video:

Not only was shipping completely damage because of the accident, but the container transport was suspended for several hours. According to The Frontier Post, port authorities said, “Approximately 55-60 containers from the ships fell into the sea,” but thankfully, no one was injured.

Shoutout to the worker who decided to not only film the incident, but to every so often turn the camera towards his face so we can all see his reaction. Now that’s how to direct. As far the people driving the ships, I’m going to assume this will be their excuse:

Yep, that’s always the way to go.