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10 Movie Plots That Drastically Change Their Meaning Over The Course Of A Lifetime

Photo: TriStar Pictures

Before you knew it, so many of your favorite movie plots drastically changed over the course of your life. When you were young, you took everything at face value. Then you got older, and everything went south,

Back in the day, Ghostbusters was all about busting ghosts, just like the title promised. So we wore our khaki jumpsuit (daily) until the knees gave out, played with slime (we think it was slime, at least) and applied to bust ghosts part-time (that really happened). But then you “grew up,” learned a few dirty jokes and now all of a sudden it’s not about busting ghosts so much anymore. It’s about dickless men, dogs and cats living together; mass hysteria! OK, we didn’t grow up that much. We’re still checking for job openings (daily).

What we’re saying is that some of our favorite films have taken on new meaning with time. Whether it’s coming-of-age tales like Stand by Me and Almost Famous or our favorite classic comedies. We recommend you join us on this little movie adventure where we check the evolution of our cinematic experiences. One thing is for sure, though: We still don’t know what the hell Vanilla Sky is about. All we know is there’s Jeff Buckley and cum references with Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz, so we’re in.

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