RIP Ivan Reitman: The Director’s Funniest Movie Moments, From ‘Ghostbusters’ to ‘Meatballs’

Legendary director and producer of some of the most iconic moments on film, Ivan Reitman, passed away Saturday night in his sleep at his home in California. Responsible for putting some of the funniest comedians of all time on film, and bringing us some of the greatest comedies ever, Ivan Reitman is an all-time great.

We all know Ghostbusters, but we don’t realize that Ivan Reitman went back-to-back-to-back by teaming up with Bill Murray to bring us Meatballs and Stripes before they got down to busting those ghosts. From there we got so much more including the criminally underrated comedy Evolution with David Duchovny. While we can go on forever reminiscing over our favorite Ivan Reiman moments, we will leave it up to the GIFs below to tell the tale of how much we loved everything he gave to us whether he directed, or produced it.

Cover Photo: Bobby Bank / (Getty Images)


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