Andrew Reed Is An Acoustic Rocker Who Makes The World A Slightly Better Place

Music needs more Andrew Reeds. Heck, the world could use more of him.

Although it hasn’t always been the case, he’s human after all, Reed’s latest album is a project that’s meant to spread what’s good in human nature.

If All The World Were Right is happy. It’s positive. It’s whimsical. It has guitars. And it’s a slice of the reason Reed has gained a small cult following.

“[The album is] about my journey,” said Reed. “But I don’t think it is unique to me at all. Most of us go through really tough patches during our lives. So much of it has to do with our thinking and the emotions that result. We are constantly thinking about how to interpret or reconcile our lives… BUT we have a choice in how we experience the world!”

And after a rough patch that made him very ill, Reed has decided to experience the world in a different light, sharing it all through this uplifting concept album that ‘cures’ and ‘puts things in order.’

Even better? Reed’s voice has a hint of Tom Petty with a composition of 70s folk rock reminiscent of The Doobie Brothers and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.


The album’s title track is about a Prodigal who changes his views of the world, discovering humility, allowing all anger to slip away.


The Asheville, North Carolina musician has made it clear that he wants people to believe in themselves and he hopes this introspective, acoustic rock album will help.

“If a person is not feeling well or is discouraged or simply wants a better state of mind, this concept album may help,” said Reed.

He’s also lived all over the world and worked enough jobs to rival Forrest Gump. Fair to say Reed’s been described as “a man that lives life on his own terms.”

Wanderlust or pure adventurer? Simply a person who wants to experience all that life has to offer? Either way you cut it, you have to admire Reed’s heart — and it all comes through in his music.

“I guess I am always searching for answers and insight,” said Reed. “There is a broader universe of ideas that needs to be explored. Ideas are my love. Music is a platform for those ideas. I also have lived a pretty diverse life thus far, which provides the firsthand experience from which I normally write. Unfortunately, I have had more than my share of woes through chance and my own hand which comes out in overtones. I also have done lots of things that have worked. So without trying to be too self-absorbed, I write from the only perspective I can…my experience.”

Some would hear Reed’s songs, proclaim ‘hippy dippy, roll their eyes and move on. However, thousands of people are connecting with Reed’s music because it’s serving a special purpose. It’s providing a little bit of light in a world that can seem very dark. And who doesn’t want more light in their lives?

You can check out more of Andrew Reed’s music here.

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