It’s 2018 And We’re Still Into Seeing Bullies Get Hit With Karma

Photo: mrohana (Getty)

The years go by and times change, but one thing that will never change is our love for seeing bullies get what’s coming to them, and that’s exactly what happened in the video below.

The footage, shot by Darren Turley, shows a group of students following and taunting a schoolboy. The group shouts abuse at the kid, threatening to “smash” him. Its gets worse for the schoolboy as he’s slapped by a girl, and then confronted by a male member from the same group. The dude squares up, and well…the schoolboy clearly has had enough.

Just check out the video to see what happened next:

It’s 2018 And We’re Still Into Seeing Bullies Get Hit With Karma

I’m going to assume that ‘Callum’ is the dude that just met the sidewalk.

The footage was shared on Twitter where it has been retweeted over 4,000 times — because like we said, everyone loves seeing bullies knocked out. One Twitter user added this:

“I don’t like violence but I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a bit pleasing. I don’t know the context but those kids don’t seem like they’re fighting the good fight. With a bit of luck neither Callum or his lynch mob will feel quite so emboldened tomorrow.”

Yep, that’s pretty much how everyone feels: no one likes violence, but regardless of the year people will always enjoy seeing jerks get knocked down a peg or two. Pun intended.

h/t Metro

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