Shop Vandal Gets A Very Painful Visit From Karma

Photo: conejota (Getty)

Everyone, not only us here at Mandatory, love seeing people getting a dose of karma, especially if they really deserve it. That’s why seeing this idiot run into a pole was so satisfying. And the same can be said of that pissed off dude who fell onto the highway after trying to punch a driver. And why are we mentioning all this? Because another dose of karma has just been served, this time to a shop vandal.

The video below, captured on CCTV, shows a man destroying a shop window in Lubliniec, Poland. The man first throws a rock at the shop window and then proceeds to further damage it by kicking it and punching it. A passer-by tries to stop the crazy vandal to no avail, so he instead calls police.

And well, let’s just say that karma arrived before police could. Take a look at what happens to this shop vandal as he tries to get away.

Well then, he certainly deserved that. And guess what? According to the shopkeeper this isn’t the first time this idiot has destroyed the store.

“The first time was two weeks ago on September 9 and this week on Thursday he did it again,” the shopkeeper told The Sun.

The vandal only suffered minor injuries and it is currently unknown if he will be facing any charges. Well, at least karma took care of things.

(Facebook image: YouTube/Viral Hog)

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