Movies With Nudity When You Least Expected It

Photo: Andrew Cooper (Getty Images)

Sex sells and it puts people into theater seats, so movies are full of it, nudity as well, which are not the same thing, by the way. Yet, even in this oversexualized day and age, a film can still surprise us with a nude scene, and therefore achieve a much greater effect. With that in mind, here are movies with nudity that completely caught us off guard.

Swordfish (2001)

A somewhat forgotten movie with a star-filled cast (Hugh Jackman, John Travolta, Halle Berry) has an unforgettable scene… or two. Of course, we’re thinking about prime Halle, and the prime continues to this day by the way. It’s a movie with a sexual tone throughout, yet one that is still pretty tame, usual. Then, out of a sudden, Halle Berry is sunbathing and reading a large book, when she decides to put it down to show the main protagonist her perfect breasts. The movie isn’t bad at all, but everybody remembers it due to this scene.

Enemy at the Gates (2001)

Two scenes stand out in the somewhat forgotten World War II movie, the sharpshooting at the monument early on, and the two horny comrades getting it on in the barracks amongst hundred of soldiers. The comrades being Jude Law and Rachel Weisz, the original rom-coms, you know, romantic communists. Yes, there was love motives throughout the film, but no one expected to see Weisz’s white butt amongst a sea of sleeping soldiers, and we surely didn’t expect it to transition to one of the hottest sex scenes in cinema.

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (2007)

Even movies with lots of nudity try not to shower the viewer in it at every moment, directors try to disrobe their actors only when there is a need, when the plot “warrants” for it. But in Before the Devil Know’s You’re Dead we get a very revealing sex scene right at the start of the movie. Even more surprising, it stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, who you wouldn’t expect in such a predicament. Although, having doggy style sex with Marisa Tomei isn’t what should be called a predicament, more like an on-job benefit.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Hey, nudity isn’t only about females getting naked, you chauvinist. When it comes to unexpected movies with nudity, Forgetting Sarah Marshall takes the cake as it is a romantic comedy that is fully explicit and definitely sudden. Jason Segel’s character drops the towel that is keeping him decent when his longterm girlfriend breaks up with him, showing his flaccid penis. Segel warned his friends and family about the full-frontal junk showing scene, but his mom still cried when she saw it!

Borat (2006)

Hey, nudity isn’t only about lovable rom-coms actors getting naked, you aesthetic chauvinist. Of course, we’re talking about the famous hotel scene that made thousands scratch out their eyes and question the laws of physics. In one of the movies you must see, or know about, in order to fully appreciate the single scene, we have Sascha Baron Cohen and his fat, hairy sidekick Ken Davitian wrestle and roll around naked. We expected a lot of obscene jokes, but this was truly surprising, but in an unpleasant way, like finding out your sister is the number three whore in your country.

The Gift (2000)

In the words of Rosenberg from Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (2004) – “Katie Holmes is a nice, respectable, wholesome girl… and I’m gonna see her boobs”. That’s not the premise of this fantasy horror, but it could very well be. Things get so confusing that the last thing you’re thinking about is nudity, and then bam – Katie Holmes’ boobs! So you end up reacting like the aforementioned Rosenberg and his pal Goldstein. We still don’t know what happened in The Gift, what was real and what was not, be we sure know Katie’s boobs are.

Short Cuts (1993)

A lot of movies with sex scenes actually don’t have nudity in it, intercourse is just implied. That’s why it so surprising when a movie has nudity, but it’s in a completely unsexual scene. Which definitely makes a movie more realistic. Yet, it’s done so rarely that is fully unexpected, and when it’s an established star like Juliane Moore. She would definitely make the list if we wrote about hottest Hollywood redheads back in 1993, so to see her bottomless, full-frontal was a huge, surprising deal.

If we ever get to expand on this list we would love for it to include these smoking hot actresses we want to see more of.

But which of these movies took you most by surprise? What are some other movies with nudity that you didn’t expect?