5 Riveting Super Bowl Commercials To Watch For This Sunday

$5 million. That’s how much it costs for a 30 second spot if you want to advertise during this year’s Super Bowl. Want to put that into perspective? That number is five times the amount of Nick Foles salary. He’s the Eagles starting quarterback in Sunday’s big game.

Yup, better believe that advertisers are really going to make it count this year. Every second is precious. And they have to do whatever it takes to get — and keep — your attention. Honestly it may not be too hard this year. Sorry, Philly, the Pats are going to make this Super Bowl a blow out en route to their sixth title.

So if the Super Bowl commercials rival the actual game this Sunday, here are a few teasers for you — five commercials that have already caught my eye a week early.


Their brand continues to be ‘pulling at your heart strings,’ but the St. Louis based brew masters knocked this spot of the park this year focusing on their relief effort.

M&M’s with Danny DeVito

I have no idea what’s happening here, but it’s hilarious. Dorita

Doritos Blaze and Mtn Dew Ice – Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman

Game Of Thrones meets the voice of God in a showdown? Hell yes.

Febreze – ‘The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink’

Clever. Stupid. And funny.

Kirk Cousins with Donald Trump (impersonator)

The Washington quarterback filmed a commercial with famous (or infamous) Donald Trump impersonator John Di Domenico. The ad is for Virginia-based Cyprus Air, which is a gas fireplace company, and will run between the third and fourth quarter. I have a feeling it will be a smash hit with at least half the country.


Josh Helmuth is a sports guy for CraveOnline and KSDK in St. Louis. 


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