Drew Carey price is right fall fail
LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 09: Television host Drew Carey tapes a special hockey-themed edition of the Price Is Right at CBS Television Studios on September 9, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Drew Carey Nearly Knocked Off ‘The Price Is Right’ Stage By Contestant’s Overzealous Hug

Photo: Michael Buckner (Getty).

People often forget that Drew Carey isn’t Bob Barker. And by that, we simply mean that Barker is now 94 years old, so you clearly can’t put all your weight behind you and jump on him when you get excited.

However, at the tender age of 59, Carey is no spring chicken either. He’ll topple like a house of cards with a strong breeze, so try not to wrestle him to the ground at your first opportunity. Although, to be fair, that last bit was directed more at today’s contestant on The Price is Right by the name of Sona. You should really be ashamed of yourself.

Drew Carey Knocked Off Stage By Contestant’s Hug

Just joking. That was actually quite hilarious, and we didn’t even have to hold in our laughter until we knew for sure he was OK like the Wendy Williams incident from a few months back. That’s the beauty of someone ALMOST falling off a stage. They’re usually so embarrassed — especially when a 90-pound woman yanks them to the floor with a hug — that they pop right up and try to pretend like nothing happened.

But it did, Drew. We all saw it and will continue to watch it over and over again until the next oblivious moron does something stupid.

Drew Carey price is right fall fail

Kudos to Sona for showing literally zero concern for the feeble old man’s well-being after the fact beyond a meager-at-best, “I’m so sorry… WHOOPS!” He knew what he was getting into when he took this job.

h/t TMZ

Not the first (and probably not the last) time the host has been shocked by a contestant’s decision: Drew Carey Can’t Believe This ‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Chose $1,500 Over A New Car


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