Drew Carey Can’t Believe This ‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Chose $1,500 Over A New Car

Screenshot: YouTube

Since I’m not in grade school anymore and can’t fake sick in order to say home and watch daytime television, it’s been years since I’ve seen an episode of The Price is Right. And because of that I wasn’t able to catch this gem while it was happening. But not to worry, because thanks to SB Nation I now know all about this hilarious clip.

The video below shows a Price is Right contestant named Kevin playing a game called “Let ‘Em Roll,” a game where the contestant has a chance to win a car if they roll all five dice and they show a car symbol. Kevin somehow managed to land four car symbols on his first roll, a rare feat.

So now Kevin can roll the die two more times and if he lands on a car, he wins it. OR he can just walk away with $1,500. Take a look at the video to see what Kevin does.

As baffling as this may seem, Kevin probably made the right call. Why? Because Kevin would have to pay state income tax on whatever prize he wins, and he would have had to paid it upfront before receiving the car. So that means that good old Kevin would had have to pay tax on his new Nissan Versa S sedan.

So we get why you did what you did, Kevin. Take the money and run!

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