A Professor Freaked Out His Students So Much They Called Police On Him

Photo: vm (Getty)

I had some strange professors during my time in college, but I can honestly say that no professor ever freaked me out enough for me to call police. Well, the students who took Astronomy 101 at Tarrant County College on Tuesday night can say otherwise.

Professor Daniel Mashburn walked into his Astronomy class without showing his face, and from the get-go that made all his students uneasy. According to student April McLeod, Mashburn got to class about 20 minutes late, turned off the lights and was wearing a ball cap, a toboggan, a scarf over his face and gloves.

“The kid next to me had said he was acting very strange, looked over at the girl next to me seemed very scared,” McLeod said.

Students also say that Mashburn was talking about the Koran, the moon and the dark night, and every so often he would reach into his pocket. And that was enough for some of the students to call police. Take a look at the news video below:

Oh boy.

Here’s what else McLeod had to say about this bizarre situation:

“Mostly he was talking about different things of the Muslim faith. I was in class for about five minutes. He kept messing with his pocket and you could tell there was an object in the right-hand pocket. And whenever he went to pull out his hand, I started having this really bad feeling and jumped up and ran out of the classroom.”

Police did not find any weapons on Mashburn and he was not arrested, but has been suspended indefinitely by the college and students have been informed they will have a new professor by their next class.

Look, I have zero problem with people wanting to spread the word of their religion, but it’s pretty clear that an Astronomy class is not the right place to do that. It’s also pretty clear that Mashburn may have a few screws loose in his noggin.

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