Hit The Pins When You Go Bowling, Not A TV

Photo: tarasov_vl (Getty)

It’s been years since I’ve gone bowling since last time I went I’m pretty sure I made a fool of myself as gutter ball after gutter ball occurred. But hey, I’d gladly continue to roll gutter balls as long as I don’t destroy someone’s property. You know, say, like someone’s TV. Well that’s exactly what one woman did when she attempted to bowl.

The video below occurred in Cacoal, Rondonia, Brazil, and the only thing we know about it is the description from YouTube: “Aunt Dorinha scores a strike on the TV.” And I’m sure you already know but that’s a literal statement.

Have a look:

Hit The Pins When You Go Bowling, Not A TV

No word yet if Aunt Dorinha had to pay for the TV but we’re going to assume she had to.

On one hand it’s hilarious that she hit the TV. On the other hand it’s impressive because it was a direct hit. Now if she can only aim the ball at the pins next time she may actually get a strike. That said, if the TV was showing The Big Bang Theory everyone would be applauding her for completely smashing the television.

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