Florida Man Makes Getaway On Back Of Truck

Photo: Lalocracio (Getty) 

The Fast and the Furious crew would be proud.

A 20-year-old man named Derrick Maestas was recently on a bus and found himself in an argument with a woman over how loud she was talking on her phone. And that escalated so much that Maestas attacked her and then attempted to evade police. And how did he do this? By clinging to the back of a semi truck.

Edwin Rivera was able to capture footage of Maestas on the back of the truck on John Young Parkway in Orange County while the truck drives at high speed. Rivera of course shared the footage on his Facebook for all of us to enjoy.

Have a look!

“I thought about getting behind the truck to get a better view, but then again, I thought real quick and I said, ‘What if this man falls? What if he jumps?’ I didn’t know the state of mind, so I decided just to stay in the right lane and get an idea of what was happening,” Rivera told WKMG-TV.

According to sheriff’s office spokeswoman Jane Watrel, Maestas was pissed at a woman’s loud voice. “The suspect didn’t like it , told her she was too loud. Instead of just letting it go, when she went off the bus, he followed her and he assaulted her,” Watrel adds.

Police were able to catch up to the suspect an hour later after people spotted him on the truck and called police.

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