Viktor Arvidsson Assists On Preds Fan Proposal

Photo: NHL

In a sport characterized by hard hits and broken teeth, hockey players are notorious for being nice guys off the ice. In what might be the coolest hockey proposal of all-time (sorry, but jumbotron proposals are way too cliché and often end up in a guy getting slapped), Preds fan Connor Payne enlisted the help of Viktor Arvidsson (his bride-to-be Morgan’s favorite player) and the Nashville Predators to help with the proposal.

As the team headed down the tunnel towards the ice for warmups before the 12/2 game vs. Anaheim, Arvidsson paused in front of the jersey-wearing couple and removed his glove to reveal a ring on his right pinky finger. Arvidsson passes the ring to Morgan and walks on as Connor gets down on one knee.

See the video of this proposal here. We’re still not sure if she was overcome with shock because she thought for a split second that her favorite player was proposing to her, or that her life is soon coming to an end. Well done mate. Well done.