World Premiere!! Murderdolls: Women and Children Last

World Premiere!! Murderdolls: Women and Children Last


Murderdolls returns with their crushing sophomore album for Roadrunner Records called Women and Children Last, and CraveOnline’s got the world exclusive premiere of the full album!



The rock-juggernaut pairing of Slipknot’s Joey Jordison [guitar, drums] and Wednesday 13 [vocals, guitar] is more precisely aggressive and furious than ever before, with tracks like "My Dark Place Alone,” “Death Valley Superstars,” “Summertime Suicide” and “Drug Me To Hell,” to name just a few highlights. 


Joey’s live role in Murderdolls is as a six-string shredder, but his uniquely pummeling drumming is the percussive blast of adrenaline that fuels the album. Produced by Zeuss [Hatebreed, Shadows Fall], Women and Children Last exists in an evil little place tucked somewhere in a back alley behind the thrash, glam, punk and arena rock super highways, and Murderdolls have arrived to rip pop culture a new one. All you can do is sing along while they haul off your daughter…


Women and Children Last hits stores August 31. Listen to the whole album right now, right here:


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Jordison sees Women and Children Last as an evolutionary leap from their first album, to the point where it rewrites musical history. "I consider Women and Children Last the first Murderdolls record," explains the multi-instrumental mastermind. "The music is so much heavier now. Murderdolls haven’t lost the fun, crazy vibe, but the topics are smarter. Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls was like a sketch and this is the real painting."


Wednesday shared the sentiment, declaring. "It’s definitely personal. I’ve been doing campy horror lyrics since I was 15-years-old, and I wanted to expand beyond that. For the new Murderdolls, I wanted to keep the humor and violence intact, but I wanted to show a different side of the band. I’m singing about life this time, instead of Dracula. If you really want to get down to it, we’re a sex-drugs-rock-n-roll band more than anything."


Keep an ear out for a familiar axeman sound on "Drug Me To Hell" and "Blood Stained Valentine,” which feature solos from none other than legendary Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars. 


Learn more about this kickass musical collaboration and pre-order Women and Children Last at the official Murderdolls site!