This Woman Claims She’s Had Sex With 20 Ghosts And Prefers Them Over Men

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How the hell are we supposed to compete with a ghost?

Amethyst Realm, a 27-year-old “spiritual guidance counselor” from Bristol, England, has no shame in admitting that she believes she has hooked up with at least 20 ghosts. And she actually prefers having sex with Casper than an actual dude. Realm appeared on the British TV show ITV This Morning recently to talk about her ghostly sex — revealing that she first felt the presence of a ghost 12 years ago

“It started as an energy, then became physical,” Realm explains. “There was pressure on my thighs and breath on my neck. I just always felt safe. I had sex with the ghost. You can feel it. It’s difficult to explain. There was a weight and a weightlessness, a physical breath and stroking, and the energy as well.”

This Woman Claims She’s Had Sex With 20 Ghosts And Prefers Them Over Men

Oh, there’s more. Realm also says she had an affair with a ghost for three years but called it quits when her real human husband arrived early from work and saw a shadow of a man through the window.

Check out the video below to hear Realm talk more about her haunted sex encounters.

Don’t believe in ghosts? Well, psychotherapist Tina Radziszewicz has an explanation as she believes that these “ghostly sex encounters” are actually a type of hallucination that occurs during the transition between wakefulness and sleep.

“Such hallucinations can be extremely vivid and bizarre, and can include tactile, visual and auditory,” Radziszewicz told the Mirror. “Stress, anxiety, depression and trauma can make people more prone to this form of hallucination.”

Nah, I still believe this lady is hooking with Casper.

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