‘Lady Dynamite’ Is The Funniest Netflix Show You Have No Idea About

Photo: Netflix

Netflix’s Lady Dynamite, starring the hilarious (and very underrated) comedian Maria Bamford is already on its second season and yet not many people are aware of the bizarre brilliance they are missing out on by not watching it.

Photo: Netflix

Premiering in May of 2016, “Dynamite” is loosely based on the ups and downs of Bamford as she deals with bi-polar disorder and a mental breakdown. There is also a heavy use of nonlinear narrative within the show as it helps put the spotlight on not only Bamford’s journey but on her brain.

The 47-year-old Bamford isn’t the only brilliant comic on “Dynamite” as plenty of actors are also part of the quirky show.

Fred McLamed plays Bruce Ben-Bacharach, Bamford’s insecure manager.

Photo: Netflix

Mary Kay Place plays Bamford’s overbearing mother with Kurt Braunohler playing her dad Joel Bamford during flashbacks (the very funny Ed Begley Jr. plays her present-day father). There’s also Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, who plays Bamford’s boyfriend, and there’s awesome comedic actors like Lennon Parham, Bridget Everett, Mo Collins, Ana Gasteyer and plenty of cameos from Jenny Slate to Judd Apatow to even Dean Cain.

And Bamford’s own real life pugs, Bert and Blossom are a big part of the show and serve as the voice of reason.

And if you’re watching and say, “boy, this lady looks familiar,” well that’s because Bamford is the Target lady who was all over your TV a few years back during the holiday.


So while you may be knee-deep in Stranger Things, just know that Lady Dynamite is a hidden gem that deserves not to be hidden anymore. And yes, the first episode or two or you may find yourself completely baffled and confused as to what is occurring on your screen, but don’t be worried: soon enough you will embrace and learn to accept Bamford’s crazy world. And sooner or later you will begin to wonder just how in the hell you lived without it.

That said, it’s Mandatory that you get on Netflix and watch this now.

Lady Dynamite is currently streaming on Netflix.

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