Aussie Dude Smashes ‘GoldenEye’ World Record On Nintendo 64

Australia, say hello to your new national hero: Karl Jobst. A Brisbane chap who’s just risen above adversity to achieve greatness, smashing a 15-year-old world speed record on the Nintendo 64 game GoldenEye.

Inspirationally proving that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams, Jobst cracked 52 seconds on the game’s iconic first level ‘Dam’, pipping previous record holder Bryan Bosshardt’s record by an entire second (something which no player has ever been able to do, largely due to the game clock only measuring time in full seconds, not milliseconds).

Streaming his speed run on Twitch, Jobst managed to pull off some insane manoeuvres to race James Bond through Dam at an historic pace, icing bad guys and powering through gates with the greatest of ease.

And needless to say, after realising that he’d achieved his impossible speed goal, he promptly lost he sh*t. Gauging from his reaction, this was probably the greatest moment in Karl Jobst’s life to date.

Now let’s see him do it all again in DK mode.