Jimmy Fallon and Pierce Brosnan Play GoldenEye 007 for N64

As crazy as it might seem, in just six days GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 will celebrate its 17 year anniversary. Made by Rare at the height of its popularity, GoldenEye 007 was a game that absolutely blew the gaming industry away, earning a variety of game awards including BAFTA’s Console Game of the Year, a huge honor at the time. Many would argue that it was the first great FPS on consoles, paving the way for multi-million dollar franchises like Halo and Call of Duty that would follow.

While many remember GoldenEye 007 for its legendary split-screen multiplayer, it also had a single-player campaign based directly from the popular GoldenEye film that hit theaters just two years prior. Similarly, it starred Alec Trevelyan, portrayed by actor Pierce Brosnan. His face was front and center on the game’s box art.

Believe it or not, Pierce Brosnan has only played the game once since it debuted on Nintendo 64 on August 25th, 1997. Jimmy Fallon changed that today by playing against him on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The two went head-to-head, making history in the process.

Really, few things are cooler than playing GoldenEye 007 against Pierce Brosnan. Jimmy even cites it as a childhood dream during the preceding interview. Check out the epic video above.