8 Reasons Why The Rumored Ace Ventura Reboot Is Insanely Dumb (and Dumber)

Photo: Warner Bros.

Another crap Hollywood reboot? No surprise there. But when the rumored movie reboot is for Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura character, we take up arms with that. The government already tried to take Ace away from us once, but now our favorite pet detective is endangered of being rebooted (and to TV, no less) without our approval.

As Morgan Creek rebrands itself, classics like Major League, Young Guns and our main man, Ace Ventura, are on the chopping block for remakes. But why would you remake, reboot or reimagine one of the best comedies with the one guy who can pull off the role?

Whether our jungle friend would be recast or reappear to hand off the torch most likely depends on whether it’s made for the big screen or the small one, but Carrey is clearly not past a late sequel after Dumb & Dumber To, but he’s also not an idiot. The first was so great because it was original, it was 1994 and Jim Carrey was in it. This rumored reboot has zero of those qualities, so far.

Have a look at the 8 reasons why the rumored Ace Ventura reboot is insanely dumb (and dumber) based on our humble opinion. It’s not 1994 anymore, folks.

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