Holiday Gift Guide | 12 Gift Ideas for TV Lovers of All Kinds

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It’s happened again. You’ve spent so much time watching TV that you forgot that the holiday season is upon you, and that you now have to buy a whole bunch of presents. Fortunately, your problem is also your solution. You can give the gift of TV.

And frankly, there’s probably more great TV than ever nowadays. Experimental series that are blowing everyone’s minds, emotionally resonant dramas that are breaking everyone’s hearts, and yeah, there’s still zombies in there somewhere too. There’s so much TV that finding the right TV-related gift for somebody can be a real problem.

So this year, let us do the heavy lifting for you. We’ve found the best boxed sets, the incredible new shows that your friends and loved ones (and you) just have to jump on board with, and yeah, even a couple of books. Because you can’t watch TV all the time… even though you might be happier if you could.

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