This Video Of A Swan Waking Up A Student Will Have You Laughing All Day

Photo: edevansuk (Getty)

Everyone enjoys their sleep, but no one enjoys being kept up — hell, growing up in the city I had to deal with construction waking me up in the morning because construction workers enjoy doing their work at 7am. But as many things as have woken me up before, I can honestly say that a swan has never disrupted my sleep like it did for the dude in the video below.

A student originally from London got quite the wake-up call while studying in Lancaster in the north of England, when he discovered that a swan was pecking at his glass door in order to get some breakfast. That’s right, this little asshole had no problem at all waking this poor dude up.

Check out the hilarious video below posted by the victim himself on his Twitter.

Sure, most of what he says is tough to understand, but what I can understand is pretty damn hilarious. Although it wouldn’t have been as hilarious if I was the one going through it. In conclusion, it looks as if swans don’t give a damn if you sleep or not as long as they get fed.

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