Man Crashes Car Into Pasadena Goodwill, Donates Mr. Coffee

Photo: Stephen Ehlers (Getty)

Here’s at tip. If you’re going to drive your car into a Goodwill store — A: make sure you’re donating the car. And B: Give them the courtesy of going through the garage.

A driver in Pasadena behind the wheel of a Jaguar drove to — and through — a Goodwill in Pasadena early Wednesday morning. Sure, he completely wrecked the store, but was kind enough to donate his Mr. Coffee coffee maker.

Just check out the news bit in the video below.

Man Crashes Car Into Pasadena Goodwill, Donates Mr. Coffee

So according to KABC, the driver fell asleep at the wheel before slamming into the store.  There was no suspicion of DUI.

What I would suspect? Narcolepsy.

Thankfully no one was injured in the accident and all was well.

But guess what? Store employees did accept the driver’s Mr. Coffee. The irony here is that you would think someone so tired would need all the coffee he could get.

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