What is the Best Drake Music Video?

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Drake is without a doubt the hottest male artist on the planet now. Everyone wants to have a collab with him, he won countless awards and is one of the most productive people in the entertainment business, so he really has everything in the game covered. Even the video aspect of the music industry. We take a look at his videography to decide on what is the best Drake music video and the four other amazing contenders ending with the best one.

The majority of Drake tracks have the typical, almost generic rap music videos, but there are some that stand out not just in his videography, but in the whole music industry. There are also some songs like Started From the Bottom who had a different and big music video but actually ruined the song with the cut-scenes. These Drake music videos improve the songs and make for a great viewing pleasure.

The Best Drake Music Videos

Hold On, We’re Going Home ft. Majid Jordan

An example of a mini-movie that Drake likes making for his music videos so much and the best one in fact. It’s a nod to the cheezy ’80s and ’90s action movies with betrayal, revenge, and warehouse shootouts that somehow goes great with the mellow tone of the song. Mostly because the plot is set in 1985. For once, Drake doesn’t seem to butcher the track by interrupting it, rather lays the movie audio silently over the music, making for a greater flow.

HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right) featuring Lil Wayne

Not only do you get to see little Drake in this video, but it is also a twist on the usual rap music video scenario of partying, by putting it in the bar-mitzvah setting. Drake actually re-committed to the Jewish religion through this sermon, but the music video builds upon all the realistic customs. And it looks way more fun than rap music videos that are set in strip clubs or in private mansions.

Worst Behavior

A pretty straight-forward premise of this Drake music video translates to a memorable video experience thanks to the great direction which matches the song perfectly, elevating the vibe and the message of the song. It was done by Director X, and it basically has Drake rapping to the camera, but thanks to the strong emotions portrayed by the rapper, great cinematography and comedic bits like great lip-syncing, this music video is one of the best in Drake’s career.

Hotline Bling

We just had to include this legendary Drake music video even though it is as simple as they come, and that is a major part of its appeal. It’s basically just Drake weirdly dancing in a colorful, neon background, and that was enough for the song to become a gifs gold mine. This Drake music video got more than 1,300,000,000 views on YouTube in just two years and is definitely the most influential one on the list. The director said his wish is that the music video influences men to dance more. But it definitely made us meme more.


The best Drake music video because it is wildly unique, but also because it smartly mimicks Drake’s style of making music where one track has two very different tones. Drake’s music video Energy has the gangsta, black and white theme contrasted by one-of-a-kind segments in which Drake is morphed into various celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Miley Cyrus. The aesthetic side of it and the originality are enough to make the case for Energy to be one of the best Drake music videos, but when you add the fact that it is one of the best Drake songs – it’s a lock.

Honorable mention goes to Child’s Play short movie that could’ve easily been in the list of the best Drake music videos if it was shorter.

Do you agree with our picks? If not, what is the best Drake music video according to you?

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