This Candy Commercial Is The Best Horror Scene We’ve Seen In Ages

Screenshot: Twitter

OK, so maybe not in ages, but it would be nice if Hollywood would be as creative as the folks behind this candy commercial that aired during the American League Division Series on FS1.

So let me just set this up by saying this is supposed to be a commercial to market Snickers and Skittles and other candies that kids usually get when they go trick or treating. This is not a trailer for the latest horror movie that some teenager is going to suggest to his date they go see just so that he can put his arm around her. I repeat, this is a candy commercial.

Have a look at the clip below.

So, in the mood to buy candy after that? People on Twitter weren’t. Check out the best reactions below.

And here I was thinking it was a Black Mirror episode.

h/t Barstool Sports

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