T-Mobile Commercial Girl: Presenting Carly Foulkes

Photo: Mike Coppola (Getty Images)

We’ve all seen that T-Mobile commercial with that beautiful young girl dressed in pink but how much do you actually know about her? We can tell you that she was born in 1988 in Toronto (yeah, she’s Canadian but don’t hold it against her). She started her modeling career when she was just 13 and got the T-Mobile job in 2010. Even the fact that, because she’s Canadian, she pronounced the word “mobile” a bit weird didn’t stop her from becoming one of their greatest models. Let us introduce you to this girl through some interesting (and a bit strange) Instagram photos. Here we go.

T-Mobile Commercial

In case you’ve never seen any of her famous commercials, here’s a short recap. Usually, they consist of Carly standing on a white background, dressed in pink and looking all lovely. Most of the time, she’s next to some actors portraying what other companies are doing to you, but literally. They are often compared to the “Get a Mac” commercials but we choose to ignore the similarities. Let’s just focus on the T-Mobile girl and her somewhat weird Instagram posts.

Fake Breasts

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We’ll start things off with a fairly weird picture that will bend your mind and make you question reality. From what you could see in that commercial, the T-Mobile girl doesn’t exactly have large breasts. Some ill-thinking people might even call her flat-chested, but we would never go so far. With that in mind, how is this picture even possible? What kind of witchcraft is this? Don’t worry, you’re not going mad. The truth is that it’s actually a cunning trick where she places her knees in her shirt. You’re mind-blown, right?

Tree God


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In her spare time (whenever she’s not making a T-Mobile commercial) Carly loves to drive out into the desert and pray to the almighty Tree God. This time, she’s asking the tree about her general health, obstacles she’ll encounter in the future and best mobile postpaid deals. Since trees can’t talk, she didn’t really get a reply, but that won’t stop her from trying tomorrow. After all, if you can’t put your faith in a dry, creepy-looking desert tree, what can you put it in?

Nature Child


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Continuing the series of weird photos of this beautifully strange T-Mobile girl here’s one where she shows her love of nature. Taken moments after the consultations with the tree, it shows Carly in her birthday suit, hugging some grass. This is something that the tree demanded and Carly was happy to comply. Why does she need to be naked to hug that grass? Well, that is just one of the life’s numerous mysteries with a deity like the Tree God. We’re not complaining, though.


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Everyone knows that the best way to unwind after a long day of filming T-Mobile commercials is to lie under millions of rakes and fall asleep. It is a unique feeling that is achieved through a combination of fear and relaxation. As you lie below those sharp, metal rakes, your mind constantly wonders if one of them will fall down and puncture your liver suddenly and violently. Carly Foulkes shows us just how brave and possibly foolish she is with this amazingly terrifying picture.

The Stooges

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There’s a song by Iggy Pop and the Stooges by the name of “I Wanna Be Your Dog.” However, when Carly heard it, she took it quite literally. Here we can see her trying to blend in with another dog and she’s quite good at it. Needless to say, the dog is as confused as people looking at the photo. Dogs don’t like being upstaged by humans. It is something they are unlikely to forgive, but Carly is ready to take that chance. We bet that this T-Mobile commercial girl is not really who you thought she would be, right?

What is your favorite T-Mobile commercial? What is your favorite photo from Carly’s Instagram? Why?