Best New Tailgate Game: Beer Pong Golf?

Whether you call it ‘bags’ or cornhole, you can’t argue that tailgating games (and names) have started to become a little stale — slightly too routine. That mundane list also includes beer pong.

Responsible for spicing up tailgating right now is a group out of South Carolina who have created a little something called beer pong golf.

Donators blew the lid off their Kickstarter campaign, chipping in over $138,000 for their $20,000 goal.

The boards are customizable, which is nice. You can use it at the Bama game and show off your Crimson Tide board before going to Atlanta the next day to slap on your Braves pride. Or you could loan it to friends who have a — God Forbid — Tennessee board. You get the idea.

Interested? You can currently still order a beer pong golf set off their Kickstarter page.

I’m slightly impressed.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.