This May Be The Dumbest Way To Remove A Couch From An Apartment

Photo: Hero Images (Getty)

I don’t know about you all but I hate moving — it’s pretty miserable. Just the mere thought of having to prepare boxes is exhausting. And it only gets worse when you realize that lugging out huge pieces of furniture out of your place is going to take some creative thinking. But hey, here’s hoping your plan for moving furniture out of your place was a hell of a lot better than the plan in the video below.

The video below, posted by a man named Sergio Dura Valero and shared to the Koleka Problem group on Facebook — which is a place to “show fails made by Eastern European ‘truck drivers,'” shows two men trying to move a couch from a fourth-floor apartment. And what is their plan? To drop the couch from the balcony into the back of the truck below. Yeah, try and guess how that worked out.

Check out the huge fail below.

So as you can see these idiots not only failed to properly remove the couch from the apartment, but they ended up shattering their truck’s windshield in the process. I think they should have gone with this plan instead.


h/t UPI

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