This Is Why You Shouldn’t Try To Grab A Cottonmouth Snake

Photo: Facebook/Jae Cormier

Look, I know I’m not a genius (although I’m pretty great at pop culture trivia), but even I know that if you come across a snake along a road it’s probably best to leave it be. But since the majority of people out there are idiots you just know that some people will try to grab it. And one of those people is a gal named Jae Cormier.

Not a lot is known of this video besides the fact that it takes place in Louisiana and that apparently Cormier tried to grab a cottonmouth snake while on Snapchat. You know, because stupidity is at its finest when it’s on social media. Well, let’s just say that this move wasn’t very bright of Cormier.

Take a look at the video below to see why Cormier shouldn’t have picked up that snake.

Yep, that’s not very shocking. The snake took a bite out of her. And this was the aftermath.

Photo: Facebook/Jae Cormier

That’s right, Cormier ended up in the hospital.

Photo: Facebook/Jae Cormier

Obviously not the best move to pick up a snake.

Photo: Facebook/Jae Cormier

Cottonmouth snakes are venomous but their bites are rarely ever fatal. Then again, a bite from them is probably super painful, and now Cormier knows that firsthand.

In conclusion, don’t be an idiot, kids.

h/t Dude Comedy

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