‘Daredevil’ Learns Why You Shouldn’t Stop A UTV Rollover With Your Arm

Photo: Facebook/Trae Crowe

I’ve never been on an UTV as that doesn’t really interest me. I much prefer staying still on land and keeping my bones intact. Well, the kid in this video probably hopes he would have stayed off an UTV because he went through a pretty bad accident.

Kentucky dude Trae Crowe decided to take a ride on an UTV. But for some reason just as the UTV is about to rollover he decides to stick his arm out to try and stop it. Not the best decision. This is the caption that Crowe included with the video.

“I tried to be a daredevil and ended up crushing my bones and put two holes in my arm. Thankful God was with me.” 

And now it’s time to check out the sort of graphic video of Crowe’s arm bending in a fashion it shouldn’t bend.

Well that was horrifying. Crowe even including some photos of the aftermath on his Facebook. Have a look.

utv accident

Photo: Facebook/Trae Crowe

utv accident2

Photo: Facebook/Trae Crowe

And these are pretty graphic:

utv accident3

Photo: Facebook/Trae Crowe

utv accident4

Photo: Facebook/Trae Crowe

Of course Crowe sticking his arm out was all natural instinct, so let’s hope he recovers quickly.

h/t Dude Comedy

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