Foo Fighters Brought The Rock To A Secret Show In Stockholm When They Covered AC/DC

Photo: Sebastian Reuter/Redferns (Getty).

Whenever you see people shooting video at concerts, you likely cringe to yourself knowing they are wasting the moment by not watching the performance live. After all, how often do you go home and rewatch all the great footage you took from a show? Then again, when the Foo Fighters are involved, it’s probably best to keep your iPhone handy in case something like this happens.

Foo Fighters Brought The Rock During Secret Show In Stockholm

Last month, we covered a story involving the Foo and a certain musician turned internet meme by the name of Rick Astley. Last night during a secret show in Stockholm, Sweden, they followed suit by inviting yet another special guest to the stage to close out the night with a little ditty by obscure ’70s band AC/DC. But who (besides Grohl himself) could do justice to “Let There Be Rock?” Why, Sweden’s own Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist, of course!

Who the hell is Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist, you ask? If you were a teenager in the early 2000s like myself, perhaps this music video will jog your memory:

If you’ve never seen a live performance from this guy, you are really missing out. Fortunately for the fine folks who happened to be listening to Foo Fighters on Spotify yesterday — where the group extended the invite to the previously undisclosed performance — they’ll never know the feeling. You can check out the full set list of songs performed right here. Talk about giving them their money’s worth.

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