Man-Love Movies: The 10 Best Bromance Comedies Out There

Photo: New Line Cinema

Man love, it’s something we don’t talk about enough here, or anywhere for that matter. Thank goodness for bromance movies, right? Too much pressure is held on the shoulders of men to be strong, resilient in the face of danger and protective of that which he loves. But really, we just want to cry like little girls and tell each other how much they mean to us, and man-love movies are the way to do it. So we’re wrangling the bromance’s best damn comedies ever to help you express yourself a little bit better.

Whether you go as far back as Butch Cassidy and his Sundance buddy or even the lady-bromances of Thelma & Louise, there’s a little bit of something for every man. From the most classic idiot man-child man-love scenes of all time to the most daring buddy cop movies, let us help you tell your fellow man how much they mean to you this week.

We’re all going to get nuclear bombed or swept by a hurricane eventually anyway, might as well say something you mean.

Man-Love Movies: The 12 Damn Bromance Comedies Out There

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