All Drake Albums in Order

Photo: Paras Griffin (Getty Images)

There have been so many memes about the rapper Drake over the years that people tend to forget he is actually a proper musician who’s won numerous awards and dominated the charts. Born in Canada to an African-American drummer father and a Jewish American teacher mother, Drake showed an affinity for art early on. At first, he gained recognition as an actor in Degrassi: The Next Generation but quickly found himself in music. It’s been 10 years since he released his first mixtape, so it’s time to take a look at all the Drake albums in the order they came out. So, let’s begin.

Drake’s Mixtapes

Before he released his first studio in 2010, Drake made and released three mixtapes starting with the first one in 2006 called “Room for Improvement.” What made this mixtape so interesting was the fact that it had 22 tracks (17 original and a couple of remixes) and numerous guest stars like the Clipse, Trey Songz, and even Lupe Fiasco. There are no famous producers on the tape, just a bunch of guest appearances and good songs. On his second mixtape, “Comeback Season,” there were 23 songs, new guest appearances, and even one single called “Replacement Girl” that eventually got a music video. This single made Drake quite popular even though he was still unsigned and without a proper album. His most successful mixtape, the third one, called “So Far Gone” had two more singles that made him a proper star, even without a record deal. Soon after, though, in 2010, he released his first, proper, studio album.

Thank Me Later

Although this was Drake’s debut album and his first official introduction to the world as a signed artist, people already knew him and his singles. If not for his music, he was certainly famous for his memes that simply exploded on the web. The album deals with Drake‘s acceptance of the fame and everything that goes with it. Although many songs create that clubbing, carefree atmosphere, the lyrics are actually much more brooding and self-examining. Drake questions himself to find out if the fame had changed him and how. The music itself is also melancholic, atmospheric and shows that there’s more to the album than what meets the eye.

Take Care

His next album “Take Care” had a noticeably more professional production and famous guest stars including Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and The Weeknd, whom he basically introduced to the world. The tone of “Take Care” is similar to his previous album, meaning there are many mellow, soft tunes that try to convey the emotions to the listener. One can hear numerous styles and influences on the album, but it’s what makes it so unique and interesting. Again, the lyrics discuss Drake’s attitudes towards fame as he continues to become more and more popular.

Nothing Was the Same

In 2013, Drake released his third album called “Nothing Was the Same.” This is one of the Drake albums that presented a whole new chapter in his life. As he mentioned at one point, “Take Care” was about the past and the sense of guilt for some missed opportunities. “Nothing Was the Same,” on the other hand, looks forward and has a slightly more optimistic tone. It is a more mature look at his life and the realization that he is actually lucky in so many ways. According to Drake, one of the biggest influences he had on this album was Marvin Gaye, which is why the album is such a mix of genres and tones.


Drake’s new album called “Views” and released in 2016, wasn’t as successful as his previous albums. In a way, the album felt like a mere repetition of his old songs. That being said, it actually introduced a whole new direction for him – Jamaican dancehall music, which he experimented with on his fourth mixtape. Regardless of that new sound, the critics claimed that the “Views” didn’t bring anything new and relied on old, proven recipes. One of the main singles from the album was certainly “Hotline Bling” that showed a new, sensitive side to Drake. Of course, somewhat unfavorable critics didn’t stop the singles like “One Dance” from overtaking the dancefloors around the world.

Among all Drake albums, which one is your favorite? Do you like his new stuff?