The Best Knuckle Tattoos From Instagram

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A surprising amount of people has knuckle tattoos, considering that they are almost always visible in the workplace, but most of them are not memorable. They usually have some chewed out, generic, cringey phrase, but these people we found on Instagram have done it right. A symbolic approach rather than a written-word one, and definitely more interesting and fun.

Best Knuckle Tattoos

Even if you’re not a comic book fan you have the appreciate the minimalistic style in which the Spiderman, The Flash, Batman, and Superman are represented on this man’s knuckle. It’s interesting how Spidey isn’t represented with a spider logo he bears on his chest, but with his mask. It works maybe even better like this. If you enjoyed this nerdy tattoo, you’ll surely like the best video games tattoos from Instagram as well.

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While almost everybody uses their fingers as notebooks for writing, thinking they are really clever for doing it, this guy used gradation to showcase zombie progression. Why? We can only guess he’s a big fan of The Walking Dead or George Romero. Either way, it’s a neatly done original idea.

Here we have an obligatory cover up of someone who came to their senses and changed the letter into something that represents them, symbolically. So barbershop tools for this barber, but what would you put on for your profession? Tell us in the comments below.

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Knuckle tattoos are great because they can be their own little secluded, themed piece of art. It’s hard to make sense of these four little tattoos, so kudos to the guy wearing them, especially since they have a common style and seem connected even though they might not be.

A weirdly themed knuckle tattoo, but a very cute, and interesting one. A tutti-frutti one! It could be a reminder to eat healthier, or a nostalgic route to childhood memories.


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