Mom Bashes Parents Who Complain About Buying School Supplies In Hilarious Rant

Screenshot: Facebook/Deana Blizzard

I don’t have my own kids, so I don’t know the headache that goes into buying school supplies. What I do know is that when I was young my mom would go out of her way to get me all the school supplies a teacher wanted. And that’s probably because my mom saw that this is what I needed to learn. But after listening to mom and comedian, Dena Blizzard, it’s probably because my mom was just happy to get me the hell out of the house.

In a hilarious rant that has gone viral, Blizzard, a mother-of-three heads to Target to stock up on some school supplies for her kids, all while bashing other parents who complain about having to buy school supplies. “Stop complaining about Back to School costs!!! This is for all the hard working teachers in the world,” the mom says.

Blizzard says she’s willing to get whatever teachers want so as long as she doesn’t have to deal with her kids — anything from pencils, to a welcome mat to even a microwave. Check out the brilliant rant below.

Blizzard even gave a shoutout to her sister, who is also a teacher.

Screenshot: Facebook/Dena Blizzard

Screenshot: Facebook/Dena Blizzard

Listen, teachers have to deal with awful children everyday and they don’t even get paid well. So Blizzard is right: if teachers want eight notebooks, just get them eight freaking notebooks.

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