NBC Backs Out of the ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ Reboot

For nearly two years, NBC has tried to make a new Xena: Warrior Princess into the network’s latest action fantasy series. But today, the network gave up and revealed that the revival is completely dead…for now.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke admitted that the Xena reboot is not going forward. “Nothing is happening on that right now,” said Salke. “We looked at some material; we decided at that point that it didn’t warrant the reboot. I’d never say never on that one because it’s such a beloved title, but the current incarnation of it is dead.”

The original Xena was portrayed by Lucy Lawless as a guest star on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, before she graduated to her own series, which ran from 1995 to 2001. Renee O’Connor co-starred in the series as Xena’s companion, Gabrielle.

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As noted by THR’s report, Xena co-creator Rob Tapert and director Sam Raimi were not involved with the reboot, and the initial plan was to depict Xena and Gabrielle as lovers. which was largely alluded to in the original series. However, executive producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach left the reboot last year over “creative differences.”

This reboot may not be going forward, but we expect that someone will eventually get a reboot off the ground. It’s inevitable.

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Photo Credit: NBCUniversal