Fisherman Snags Whale And His Kid Flips Out With Profanity-Laced Reaction

Breaching Humpback. Photo: jeremyborkat (Getty).

As a child, going fishing with your dad is one of those moments that boys remember for the rest of their lives. Being out on the open water, talking about what it takes to be a man — all great things between father and son. Sometimes dad even lets you have your first beer.

And then there’s the moment one of you catches a fish. It’s an exciting experience to share with each other, and the bigger the fish, the greater the reaction.

But if father and son just happen to snag a whale? Expect little Billy to drop a “HOLY SHIT!” in front of his old man.

Fisherman Snags Whale, His Kid Flips Out And Cusses A Lot

A dad from Australia was out fishing with his kids when footage caught him trying to reel in an enormous humpback whale. While that was impressive, his son’s reaction is priceless.

As the whale breaches the surface, you can hear one of his kids say, “Oh shit!” as pops is wrangling the massive mammal. And who can blame him, right? I mean, if any one of us tried reeling in a whale, saying “shit” would be second nature.

The kid didn’t stop there, though, because he flipped out some more and said “That scared shit out of me.” From the looks of it, mom is OK with the language because she might have been the one who uploaded the video to YouTube. Sounds like you’re in the clear, Junior.


Imagine the reaction if he’d seen a pink dolphin or elephant.