Here’s Why Overwatch’s Doomfist is so Overpowered

When a new Overwatch hero is debuted, it doesn’t take long before the “overpowered” accusations begin to roll in. As the shooter’s community adapts to the new character and tries to understand how they fit into the meta of the game, those who take the time to understand their strengths and weaknesses can begin making a huge impact with them, while everyone else is left scratching their heads over how to best tackle their abilities.

However, whereas most new Overwatch heroes generally settle into the game with little fuss after a small patch or two, it’s widely accepted that Doomfist is a little too powerful in his current state. Now there’s evidence to strongly support this claim.

A video posted by Focus Gaming examines the hitbox of Doomfist’s, er, fist, specifically his Rocket Punch ability. This ability sees Doomfist launching forward in a charged attack, knocking enemies back and dealing additional damage if they hit a wall. Many of the game’s squishier heroes can effectively be killed in one punch if Doomfist lands this ability, though since his introduction to the game footage has emerged of the attack hitting opponents from unlikely positions.

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Focus Gaming’s video outlines how the size of the Rocket Punch’s hitbox is far larger than any other attack in Overwatch, with it measuring roughly twice the height of Doomfist and three times the width of the hero. This means that even if Doomfist doesn’t technically hit his opponent by a considerable amount, the attack will still register and dish out its damage. While Blizzard has granted more forgiving hitboxes to the likes of the long-ranged hero Hanzo, Doomfist’s hitbox is much larger and leads to far more questionable kills.

Doomfist’s Rocket Punch is also unimpeded by certain obstacles standing between him and his opponent. With the attack registering as a hit before it reaches its target, it’s possible to hit it through some of the game’s structures, such as the phone box on King’s Row or even through certain walls. This means that if you’re playing against Doomfist, you may be killed by him even if you’re standing a reasonable distance away from him and something is blocking the path between you.

Take a look at the examination of Doomfist’s Rocket Punch hitbox below: