The Arya-Brienne Fight Scene From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Gets The Lightsaber Treatment

Photo: YouTube

If you’re keeping up with the best show on television, Game of Thrones has you parked on the couch every Sunday night like it’s a damn religious experience. The show keeps people locked in and is influential enough to have a college course available to learn the dialects.

In Episode 4 “The Spoils of War,” we were treated to an epic reunion between key characters Arya Stark and Brienne of Tarth. The last time these two were hanging out, Ayra was younger and not all that good at swinging a sword. Now, she’s a fucking killer and moves like a Jedi who broke out of the Matrix, and she showed Brienne just how much more powerful she is in a duel.

Speaking of Jedi …

Arya And Brienne Use Lightsabers In Game Of Thrones Duel

YouTuber Omid G took the sword-fighting scene between Arya and Brienne and did something that has people as nerdy as me geeking out over his edits.

Mr. G pulled lightsabers from Star Wars and put them in place of Arya’s and Brienne’s swords, making what was already an awesome fight scene that much more awesome.

Somehow, this gets me even more excited for the next episode, knowing damn well there aren’t any lightsabers on the show. I’m ready, so bring it on.

h/t Nerdist

One more quick revision would make this scene truly epic: Someone Replaced The Lightsaber Sounds In Star Wars With Owen Wilson Saying “Wow”