Ranking The 10 Best Nintendo 64 Games That Will Have You Searching For Your Dusty Controllers Nearly 20 Years Later

Photo: Nintendo 64

We know you spend your day punching the time clock, filling up the gas tank and drinking like a savage, but when you boil it down, what you’re really thinking about is an awkwardly-shaped Nintendo 64 controller between your legs. While there were plenty of N64 games to rock your world, we’re ranking the 10 best Nintendo 64 games worth dusting off your old controller nearly 20 years later.

From the barrel rolls of Donkey Kong 64 to the half pipe of 1080 Snowboarding to the best racing and shoot-’em-up games on the shelf, we’re throwing out the best N64 games like their green shells on Rainbow Road, just not giving a single fuck where they land.

Give this little slideshow a whirl, our ranking of the 10 best Nintendo 64 games that will have you searching for your dusty controllers, neglecting your lady and all earthly responsibilities, and, most likely, landing back on your parents’ couch with nothing but chip crumbs and no job to speak of. Until next time, keep your eyes peeled for double agents hiding in the vents above your bathroom stall. (You better have gotten that reference, dammit.)

The 10 Best Nintendo 64 Games

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