14 Movies That Made Us Love Charlize Theron

Few actors have ever demonstrated the talent, the charisma, and the mind-blowing range of Charlize Theron. The South African and American actor, who began her career as a model but swiftly emerged as one of the most exciting new acting talents of the 1990s, and gradually became one of the most respected actors of her generation… and one of the most dynamic action stars of the 21st century.

Some actors only get a couple of opportunities to shine, but Charlize Theron has been turning heads for over two decades now. Today, on the actor’s 42nd birthday, we celebrate the impressive career of an actor who has repeatedly been the best part of her movies, and – when the rest of the cast and crew was up to the challenge – helped to make some of the best motion pictures of the last two decades.

14 Movies That Made Us Love Charlize Theron:

Top Photo: Focus Features

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