Clint Howard Joins the ‘Han Solo’ Cast, Because Obviously

There’s two things we knew would happen as soon as Ron Howard took over the directing duties on the Han Solo movie earlier this summer. One, we knew he wouldn’t make any waves, and just finish the damned movie like a professional (for better or worse). And two, we knew he’d bring his little brother Clint Howard along for the ride, a suspicion that Ron Howard just confirmed via his Twitter account.

Ever since Ron Howard made the transition from acting to directing with 1977’s Grand Theft Auto, he’s reserved a role in most of his movies for Clint Howard. The distinctive character actor got his start in the acting business just a few years after Ron Howard and soon became a prominent child star, with memorable roles in Star Trek and the Winnie the Pooh cartoons (he played the voice of Roo) and starred in the classic television series Gentle Ben for two seasons.

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

Clint Howard hasn’t appeared in every single one of Ron Howard’s movies, but he has appeared in 17 of them (not including Han Solo), so fans of either brother – or both – have come to expect and appreciate the sense of continuity throughout their careers. The seventeen Ron Howard films in which Clint Howard appears are: Grand Theft AutoCotton Candy (Made for TV), Night Shift), SplashCocoonGung HoParenthoodBackdraftFar and AwayThe PaperApollo 13EdTVHow the Grinch Stole Christmas, The MissingCinderella ManFrost/Nixon and The Dilemma.

Most of these roles were small, many of them little more than extended cameos. And since Ron Howard only came aboard the Han Solo movie during the last leg of shooting, after the casting had already been completed, it’s safe to say that Clint Howard’s role will be relatively minor. But by god, he’ll be in there. And fans of Clint Howard’s stellar work in classy movies and schlocky cult favorites like Ice Cream Man and The Dentist 2 and House of the Dead will no doubt rejoice as soon as they see him.

That Han Solo movie, which still doesn’t have an official title, is scheduled to come out on May 25, 2018.


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